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                We provide a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and display spare part programs designed to maximize tool availability and reduce operating costs. To support older tools, we continually invest in re-engineering parts and subsystems for better performance. We also develop completely new parts to support more advanced applications.


                Maintain the exact inventory you need to maximize the use of your production equipment. FPM leverages Applied Materials’ global supply chain infrastructure and inventory to offer customers parts support specifically tailored to their operational needs.

                TOTAL KIT MANAGEMENT? (TKM)

                Reduce costs and optimize kitting and cleaning logistics. Our TKM program provides a customized kit of certified spares with best-in-class cleaning and coating services to reduce total cost of ownership (CoO).

                EXPRESS EXCHANGE?

                If time-to-repair is critical, this parts exchange program eliminates wait time by providing a fast exchange service for repaired parts. Express Exchange (ExE) offers an exchange solution from a pool of Applied’s previously repaired parts, lowering your total cost of ownership.


                With this program, your broken parts are repaired and returned to you within an agreed time frame. You get your own parts back, fully reconditioned to perform to new-part quality standards.

                VALUE REPAIR

                This repair service is another parts exchange program that consigns your inventory and manages your repair exchanges—with an emphasis on process-critical parts. Broken parts are quickly replaced with repaired ones drawn only from your own pool of repaired parts held in inventory at our repair center.


                Looking for an easy way to order parts for Applied tools? The simplest solution to your spare parts needs, on demand parts are purchased as needed and shipped at published lead times.