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                The Partner Portal is a secure extranet site where our partners can access important and timely information. It contains resources designed to enhance communication with our partners.



                A secure extranet supporting our partner needs. 


                FIRST TIME USER

                If you are an approved partner, click here to submit a new user account request form.



                Technical Issues?


                Phone: 1-877-659-2790
                Email: GIS_Service_Desk@amat.com

                Please provide the following information:

                1. Company Name:
                2. Places of Business (Address):
                3. Primary Contact Name:
                4. Primary Contact Phone Number:
                5. Primary Contact Email Address:
                6. Parent ID or application login ID
                7. Your local time zone and hours of availability when we can contact you
                8. Website or application that you are having an issue with - include full URL address, (http or https)
                9. Details of your issue such as specific error message on the screen - include screenshot if possible
                10. Whether this is a first-time issue or previously worked but now stopped working
                You will be assigned a help ticket number which you will need for reference, when the service team calls you back on your contact number provided.