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                People and Workplace

                Putting Our Values To Work

                CULTURE OF INCLUSION

                At Applied Materials, we believe that diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds enhance teamwork and innovations. We are committed to diversity to fuel invention, creativity, and engagement in our workforce.

                In addition to building diversity, we actively promote a broad and inclusive culture of understanding and empowerment to ensure that we have an engaged workforce. Innovation thrives when members of our workforce feel valued and respected and know that they are included in a company culture in which they are contributing to our shared success.

                We are committed to greater transparency, clearer targets and comprehensive training to improve diversity and inclusion within our company and in the electronics industry at large.

                Our Workforce

                Applied’s diversity footprint spans 18 countries and reflects various cultures, backgrounds, ages, genders and ethnicities that come together to form a rich tapestry of talent.

                Training and Development

                Innovation Starts with Learning

                Fostering personal and professional development for all of its workforces through a vast array of onsite resources and online platforms that promote career development, improve overall motivation and help employees manage every stage of their careers.

                Ethics and Compliance

                Everyone, Every Day

                We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring compliance in the workplace and all business activities. Our core values include responsibility and integrity. These values are foundational to our success and vital to creating a culture of mutual trust and respect in our interactions with all stakeholders—including employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and the public.

                As part of our Global Ethics and Compliance Program, we have established a 24-hour global toll-free Ethics Helpline (1-877-225-5554) that you may call anytime (including anonymously) to discuss any concerns.

                Standards of Business Conduct

                To promote a strong and consistent culture of ethics, Applied Materials has a uniform Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) code that applies to its entire workforce around the world. These Standards guide personnel in making the best possible decisions. The SBC is available to our global workforce in 11 languages and to the public online.

                SBC (English) ?

                SBC (Alternate Languages) ?

                Human Rights

                A fundamental respect for the dignity of every human being is the starting point for everything we do. Applied Materials is clearly committed to protecting human rights and conducting business ethically and responsibly around the world—both across our workforce and throughout our supply chain.

                Applied Materials Human Rights Policy - Coming Soon