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                Featured:Applied science and technology research accelerator now accepting applications for ASTRA 2020
                - Submit Application here
                08/20/2020 Applied Ventures-backed eXo Imaging raises 40M to deliver Materials innovation at System level
                08/04/2020 Syntiant Surpasses 1 Million Units Shipped; Raises $35M in Series C Led by M12 and Applied Ventures
                07/24/2020 Applied Ventures backed Korean AI startup MakinaRocks raises USD 10m for global push
                07/16/2020 Applied Ventures co-leads Spin Memory Announces Extension of Series B Funding
                05/04/2020 COVID-19: Applied Ventures’ Life Sciences Portfolio Companies Tap Materials Engineering to Fight the Deadly Virus
                11/08/2019 Applied’s New Materials Engineering Technology Accelerator is Open for Collaboration
                10/15/2019 Applied Ventures Recognizes Best-in-Class Start-Ups in India
                09/12/2019 Themes of an AI Summer: VC Perspectives
                08/27/2019 Amazon Certifies Syntiant Chips for Alexa Devices
                08/21/2019 Digital Specialty Chemicals is now part of Entegris
                08/05/2019 Exo Imaging Emerges from Stealth Mode with $35M Series B Financing Round to Advance Development of the Exo Ultrasound Platform
                07/16/2019 Point Engineering: IPO on KOSDAQ through SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)
                07/09/2019 Semicon AIDF and Investments
                07/02/2019 Rockley Photonics Announces $52M in Funding in the First Close of Its Series E Investment Round
                06/27/2019 Ultivue Raises $22 Million in Series C Funding
                05/23/2019 GCV Powerlist 2019: Rajesh Swaminathan
                02/05/2019 Adaptive3D Announces Series A Investment Round Co-led by DSM Venturing and Applied Ventures
                01/30/2019 GCV Rising Stars Awards 2019: Michael Stewart
                11/28/2018 Tsukuba Seiko IPO
                11/15/2018 Applied Ventures and Empire State Development Aim to Accelerate Innovation in Upstate New York
                11/12/2018 SPIN Memory announces $52M Ser B funding round led by Applied Ventures and ARM
                10/30/2018 Twist Bioscience Corporation Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
                10/19/2018 Applied Ventures Shares Perspectives on Healthcare Investments at the IMEC ITF 2018 Panel
                10/24/2018 AI Chip Company Syntiant Raises $25m in Series B Funding Round Led by Microsoft’s M12
                10/23/2018 VC Opportunities in the Rapidly Growing AI Developer Ecosystem
                08/28/2018 Avegant Closes $12 Million Round of Funding
                07/10/2018 Applied hosts AI Design Forum at Semicon 2018: “The Future of Computing – From Materials to Systems”
                01/30/2018 Global Corporate Venturing Rising Stars Awards 2018: #20 Joe Jeong
                01/23/2018 Ultivue Inc. Announces Completion of its Series B Financing
                07/23/2017 EUV Photoresist Pioneer Inpria Raises $23.5 Million in Series B Funding Led by Samsung Ventures
                06/23/2017 Applied Ventures Ramps Investment in Korea with New Innovation Fund
                05/22/2017 Tony Chao named to GCV Powerlist 2017
                04/17/2017Twist Bioscience Expands Agreement to Pursue Higher Density Digital Data Storage on DNA with Microsoft and University of Washington
                03/15/2017 Avegant Introduces Light Field Technology for Mixed Reality
                03/09/2017 This Startup's AR headset Can Hold its Own Against the HoloLens
                11/14/2016 RayVio Medium-Power Ultraviolet LEDs Usher in New Era of Health and Hygiene Solutions
                10/11/2016 Twist Bioscience and Distributed Bio Partner to Offer Antibody Design and Optimization Services
                09/16/2016 Norsk Titanium Announces Investment from Applied Ventures
                08/31/2016 MTPV Power Corporation Awarded MassVentures Grant