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                Our innovations make possible the technology shaping the future

                Applied Materials has transformed from a small start-up into one of the most admired companies in the world. We put the “silicon” in Silicon Valley, playing a key role in the evolution of the electronics industry.

                Innovation Pioneer

                Over the last 50 years, our innovations have fundamentally changed how the world works and the way people interact with each other through technology.

                Today’s World of Electronics

                We help make products such as computers, mobile devices and flat panel displays not only possible, but also affordable for millions of people around the world.

                Shaping the Future

                Our expertise in materials engineering is at the foundation of the incredible breakthroughs turning future trends, including artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR and the Internet of Everything, into realities.

                Materials Engineering Solutions that Transform Possibilities into Reality

                At Applied Materials, we engineer highly sophisticated manufacturing and process technologies used to build the world’s most complex chips and displays.

                We enable our customers to build a wide range of advanced products, including:

                • Larger capacity and faster memory chips
                • More efficient, faster, and highly integrated processors
                • Super high-resolution displays
                • Flexible electronics

                Our engineers INSPIRE imagination

                Today, in labs around the world, our scientists and engineers are discovering technologies and implementing materials in ways no one would have thought possible before. We use our expertise to overcome challenges that seem insurmountable, and we do what others think can’t be done — that’s a typical day at Applied Materials.

                • Growth

                  We’ve pioneered a long history of firsts in the semiconductor and display industries. With $2.0 billion invested annually, and 30% of our team dedicated to research and development, our investments outpace others’ and set the industry standard.

                • Portfolio

                  Our IP portfolio is the strongest in the industry with more than 12,500 patents. On average, we apply for more than four new patents every single day — including Saturdays and Sundays.

                • Tech Center

                  The one-of-a-kind Maydan Technology Center is the world’s most advanced semiconductor research and development lab dedicated to improving the technology of chip making. Learn more.

                Inflection-Focused Innovation

                We are committed to being the innovation leader that pushes the boundaries of science, technology and engineering to solve the world’s toughest materials engineering challenges.

                • We bring many perspectives to solving high-value problems. From research and development to supporting our customers’ manufacturing, we look at the entire roadmap and help speed ideas to market.
                • We are committed to deep collaboration. Adding strength to strength allows us to discover new opportunities together and deliver innovative, timely solutions that unlock new value and change the world.
                • Our business is built on trust. Over multiple decades, our customers have come to trust that we will deliver solutions to their toughest challenges while protecting their IP and their competitive advantages.

                Leading with Purpose

                We align who we are and what we stand for as a company with what matters to our employees and their communities. Our purpose drives everything we do. It is shaped by our values and reflected in our actions. From the well-being of our employees and their communities, to our sustainable business practices and corporate governance, we are focused on building a better future.

                • We are dedicated to conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible way, taking action to protect the health and safety of workers, customers and neighboring communities.
                • We are committed to making strategic investments around the world in education, civic engagement, the arts and the environment to improve the communities where we work and live.
                • We are steadfast in attracting, developing and retaining a global workforce and respecting the local cultures of the regions where we do business.
                Leading with Purpose Leading with Purpose Leading with Purpose Leading with Purpose